Photo of Jane AustinJane Austin was born in Liverpool, has a degree in French and lives with her husband in York. She has worked in a number of settings, including schools, adult education and at the University of York.

News from Nowhere is a debut novel inspired by a collection of letters from three of her family as they served on the Western Front. Jane first read this remarkable collection in 1983, when her grandmother, Elizabeth Dewi Roberts, published them in a slim volume, entitled Witness These Letters. Written to the family in Bangor, North Wales, from 1915 to 1918, the letters vividly describe the torments of the trenches and the battlefield, and life as a prisoner-of-war.

Jane's short story, 'Les Petites Curies', is published in a Cinnamon Press anthology, The Day I Met Vini Reilly, 2016. She is writing a new novel and is a member of York Novelists, a writers' critique group.