Photo of Nick JonesNorth Wales born in 1955, Richard Douglas Pennant is very proud of his ancient Celtic roots and heritage. Educated at a variety of schools, he also attended two eccentric crammers, one situated for a time in the wing of a castle in the north of Scotland and the other in a converted windmill on the South Sussex coast. He has worked in the independent welfare sector. Seafarers' welfare work took him to among other places the Ports of Rotterdam and Singapore in the early 1970s and later he worked with the homeless in Middlesbrough. A man of wide interests of which writing is one of his passions, he also enjoys drawing, researching ancient history, spiritual philosophy, and curiously oilfield history and archaeology. He regularly tours performances of his work with fellow poets and jazz musicians. He has studied under poet and author Ian Gregson and actor and theatre director Robert Bowman.

Richard Douglas Pennant is married with two grown up children and shares his time between homes in North Wales and Cyprus.