Photo of Patricia McCawPatricia McCaw lives in Edinburgh and originates from Donaghadee, County Down. She worked as a social worker in both countries and retired early to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University. She has written prose, mainly fiction, as well as poetry, but now only writes poetry. Her interests include the effects of discrimination on people, leading her to identify with 'outsiders' in different contexts. Her poetry also reflects the results of forced migration and the eternal themes of ageing, love and loss. Black humour particularly appeals to her. In relation to poetry, she has won or been listed in a number of competitions over the years as well as being published in various journals and some anthologies, including New Writing Scotland, South, Gutter, Northwords Now, Poetry News, and Orbis. Her pamphlet Breaking Apple was in the final four shortlist for the Cinnamon Debut Poetry Competition 2017. She enjoys belonging to vibrant poetry groups and performing her work.