Andrea BianchiAndrea Bianchi was born in 1960 in Turin (Italy) where he still lives. His first collection of poems, La stanza prosegue (Edizioni del Leone), was published in 1990, followed by Corvi spigoli neri (Edizioni del Leone) in 1996, …sospeso teso / filo di luci…(Mobydick) in 2002 and Abracacadarba (Mobydick) in 2008. The Italian critic, Giorgio Bàrberi Squarotti, says that Bianchi’s poetry exists between ‘the ironic and the astonished with visionary and grotesque moments, and a basic tragedy’.  In 2011, A Corridor of Rain, his first collection of poems in English, translated by Silvana Siviero with a foreword by Robert Minhinnick, was published by Cinnamon Press. Since 1997 Andrea Bianchi and Silvana Siviero, his Welsh-born wife, have worked as translators for a series supported by Wales Literature Exchange and they are the founding editors of a unique series of poetry in translation from minority Italian languages to English, Minorities Not Minority: an English Window on Italian Cultures. Together with Silvana Andrea has also organised many literary events and festivals.