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Marg Roberts

Photo of Marg RobertsBorn in Hull, Marg remembers that her granddad did not talk about his experiences during the First World War, only his sadness at saying goodbye to her grandma on the railway station. She got the impression that he couldn't verbalise what he had seen even though he used to sing 'Roses are Shining in Picardy' while he did the washing up. As a probation officer for over twenty years, she heard many accounts of trauma and how the consequences affected, and in some cases, ruined personal and family relationships.

Marg obtained an M.A. in Creative Writing at Bath Spa university 2008-9, was Warwick's Poet Laureate in 2009-10, and was one of five shortlisted novelists for the Cinnamon Press award in 2014. She leads writing workshops, has had poems published and is an associate member of Tindal Street Writers' Group. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society.

She lives in Leamington with her husband, close to her stepdaughter and granddaughter. Her hobbies include cycle touring, gardening and learning to play the piano. She is writing her second novel.

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01 October 2017
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