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Elements Competition Results


Thank you to everyone who sent entries for the mini competition on the theme of 'elements'. We had some wonderfully inventive takes on the theme and a range of excellent poems. As might be expected, many poems centred on climate degradation and the increasing frequency of natural disasters and many of these poems were conceived with great subtlety and skill.

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Cinnamon Literature Prize 2020 Results


This year's literature award was the most extraordinary competition we’ve run in 15 years, with the largest postbag on record.

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Cinnamon Pencil Competition, 2020


The competition to win free mentoring or a bursary place ended at the end of September. We're grateful to everyone who entered the competition. Supporting the competitions helps us to keep publishing amazing writers and it also brings wonderful new writers to our attention.

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Launching Tracey Iceton's Rock God Complex


We had a great time launching Tracey Iceton's stomping new book, Rock God Complex: the Mickey Hunter Story. Along side two great readings from Tracey, we were lucky to include footage from the amazing Alex Fawcett — no mean axe hero himself — performing covers from the Band the World Forgot, Crown & Kingdom.

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Launching Novels Online


by Jennifer Young

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How to Launch Three Poets


We had great fun with our first online launch last Thursday (7 May). Bringing together Omar Sabbagh (debuting his latest, But It Was an Important Failure) from his sitting room Dubai, Edward Ragg (presenting his third collection, Exploring Rights) from a sunny hallway in the North-east of England, and Ian Gregson (launching his new and selected, The Slasher and the Vampire as Role Models) from somewhere in Oxford, we merrily threw unities of time and place in the bin. With a lively audience, also spread around the globe, it was great to hear good poetry and intense discussion.

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Poetry Pamphlet Prize 2020 — the Results


Many, many thanks to everyone who took part in this year's Poetry Pamphlet Prize. There was an extraordinary range of entries, and a great many of them too — as you'll see by taking a look at the long list. It took a lot of thought to get our post bag down to the five finalists:

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Ogham Tree Results


We had a great response to the this year's theme. It caught a lot of imaginations and brought in an interesting array of entries, sometimes drawing inspiration from the tree/letter meanings originated by Robert Graves, sometimes taking a side-on approach to each prompt.

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2019 Literature Award Results


It was tougher than usual coming up with a winner for this Literature Prize. The quality of writing in the long list made it almost impossible to draw up a short list and from there choosing the best entry was harder still. This was a big field and it was wonderful to see the range of voices and serious commitment to writing. Many of the manuscripts that didn’t quite make it to the long list were from writers we hope to see future work from, people whose work might have made it further in a less competitive field.

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Cinnamon Pencil Competition 2019 Results


We're very happy to announce the results of this year's competition to get a free slot on our Cinnamon Pencil mentoring scheme. We had a tremendous number of very strong entries, so the sifting and choosing was quite a task.

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In 2020 Cinnamon Press is 15!

Down Deep Books
Writing Down Deep
Writing Down Deep

It's survival is a story of collaboration and generosity from so many people. We run on shoestring budgets, assisted by the fabulous Books Council of Wales, the amazing support and marketing services of Inpress Books and because we've learnt that improvisation is a skill that doesn't only apply to theatre.

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Taking Stock

Freyja peering out from one of the book shelves

August is traditionally our time for stocking taking — many boxes piled in the living room and hallways, books counted (and sometimes re-counted) and titles rearranged on the shelves. It's a time to assess how we're doing and who we are. Taking stock in many ways.

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Guest — Tricia Durdey
Great photo of the Wonder Talking Cat. Hope all goes well.
Thursday, 22 August 2019 13:02
Guest — Nigel Hutchinson
Who wrote the cat? I'd buy a copy . .
Thursday, 22 August 2019 14:24
The Cat is of course self authored - Freyja inc. - very expensive x... Read More
Friday, 23 August 2019 11:45
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Launching White Leaves

Tracey reading from her novel
Tracey taking questions from a packed audience
Jan Fortune and Tracey Iceton introduce the book to the audience
Tracey takes a breather after the reading

White Leaves of Peace
at Drakes Bookshop, 26th April, 2019

by Tracey Iceton

Having already launched parts one and two of my Celtic Colours Trilogy, I should have felt at ease for the launch of White Leaves of Peace, after all, this was familiar ground to me. But the novel is about what it's been like for those growing up in the north of Ireland since the 1998 Peace Agreement. And, as the novel reveals, that experience has not been the carefree childhood that should have been inevitable in the wake of Good Friday 1998.

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Guest — Fiona Linday
Tracey, you are brave indeed! While voices remain quietened then the terrorists win. Well done on empowering victims within fictio... Read More
Monday, 20 May 2019 11:02
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2019 Pamphlet Prize Results


We had a huge number of entries to this year's Pamphlet Prize, which made our judge, Ian Gregson's task all the harder. But, eventually, he wrangled the extensive long list down to a seven strong short list:

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In case you missed it — A quick launch round up

Kate and Gareth answering questions
Kate standing, reading to the audience
Gareth standing, holding up a copy of his book
A table with copies of the two books for sale

Our first launch season of the year is just… about… winding… down. It's been a mad whirl but they've been a brilliant string of events this month.

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Cinnamon Pencil Competition 2019: Results

A woman in silhouette raises a fist in triumph

Thank you to everyone who entered the Cinnamon Pencil mentoring competition. We had a fantastic postbag, with some really strong writing and a large field so narrowing it down has been hard.

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Pizza's Here!!

Ashley Lloyd Smith reading from his debut novel
Ashley Lloyd Smith checks out the audience in the gods
Ashley Lloyd Smith reading from the novel

Dateline: Derby, 1/10/2018 . . .
Prosecco as you come through the door …
lurid T-shirts featuring the cover of the book …
a documentary cameraman and a group of helpful assistants …
fresh pizza delivered mid-reading …

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2018 Debut Fiction Prize — The Results

a close up of a pile of well-thumbed notebooks

We had one our biggest ever entries to the first Annual Debut Fiction Prize, for short story collections, novellas and novels. A particularly tough field for our two judges, Tracey Iceton and Adam Craig, to work through. After a lot of deliberation, our duo chose a strong short list of seven:

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Small miracles from distinctive voices

People warming their feet around a fire

We're really excited to be launching our new web site, with huge thanks to Sarah Willans of Zipfish.

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How to be innovative, independent and quit social media

People warming their feet around a fire
Breakfast table with a steaming pot of slow filter coffee

As a writer and a publisher, it seems self-evident that I should be on social media. Yet recently, I've been questioning this.

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Guest — Kate Hoyland
Thank you Jan for the most eloquently argued case against social media and particularly Facebook I have yet heard. I am weaning my... Read More
Saturday, 11 August 2018 07:36
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