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2016 Debut Novel/Novella Prize

You may have noticed, the Cinnamon web site has been suffering from gremlins the last couple of days … in fact, it was suffering from not being there at all when what should have been routine alterations to the web server turned into a crisis and a search around half the globe for the one man who could help us fix the probelm (I kid you not — and a big thank you to Armin Osmancevic for taking time from a holiday in SE Asia to bale us out).

The timing, of course, couldn't have been better, as anyone trying to get their entry into this year's Debut Novel/Novella Prize will know all too well. However, as you can see, we're back and, in deference to those of you who were trying to get your entries into the Prize, we're extending the deadline by a couple of days, to WEDNESDAY, 3 AUGUST.

Our apologies for any worry and consternation but, hopefully, things will be back to normal from now on :)

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Thursday, 09 July 2020

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