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2019 Literature Award Results


It was tougher than usual coming up with a winner for this Literature Prize. The quality of writing in the long list made it almost impossible to draw up a short list and from there choosing the best entry was harder still. This was a big field and it was wonderful to see the range of voices and serious commitment to writing. Many of the manuscripts that didn’t quite make it to the long list were from writers we hope to see future work from, people whose work might have made it further in a less competitive field.

To get on the short list amidst such a strong competition was no mean feat. So hearty congratulations go to:

  1. David Calcutt;
  2. Shanta Everington;
  3. Jacqueline Haskell;
  4. Siân Hughes;
  5. Stephanie Norgate;
  6. Seán Street;
  7. Mark Wagstaff; and
  8. Patricia Helen Wooldridge

In the end, we're really could pick only one entry, although there were moments when we wished it wasn't so. That winner is Siân Hughes and her poetry collection, Sunshine & Nothing Else.

What drew us to Siân's work was its pitch perfect voice in which every word is doing work — direct, poignant and filled with emotion.

You can download the full adjudication report for more on Siân's winning entry and a full long list from the competition.

As ever, our thanks to everyone who entered, congratulations to the short listed writers and a huge well done to Siân Hughes and Sunshine & Nothing Else, which we'll be publishing in the not too distant future.

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