We had a huge number of entries to this year's Pamphlet Prize, which made our judge, Ian Gregson's task all the harder. But, eventually, he wrangled the extensive long list down to a seven strong short list:

  1. Maiya Dambawinna: Silk;
  2. Scott Elder: My Hotel;
  3. Lizzie Fincham: Contained in Ice;
  4. Edward John Killick: From the Land of Striped Sunshine;
  5. Sue Lewis: Texture;
  6. Emily Vanderploeg: Loose Jewels; and
  7. Hannah Walker: Attention.

And, from these, Ian finally settled on the two winning pamphlets:

Commenting on Texture, Ian thought it was:

remarkable for the way its apparently casual free verse allows powerful images and themes to spill over themselves across its line endings in its reflections. It's exhilarating.

On Loose Jewels, he said it:

explores … the sort of hybrid national identity … so characteristic of contemporary culture … [enacting] how language structures our differing apprehensions of the world.

And about Attention, Ian said:

It tackles even its taboo themes with a startling directness … these poems [are] especially refreshing.

You can download the full adjudication, including the long list.

Many thanks to Ian, for giving his time so generously, and to everyone who entered. A huge 'Congratulations!' to this year's winners, Hannah Walker and Emily Vanderploeg — look out for Attention and Loose Jewels in early 2010.