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Launching Girl Without Skin

Last Monday (18th September) saw the launch of Connie Ramsay Bott's gripping novel-in-collage, Girl Without Skin at the Leamington branch of Waterstone's.

A view from the back of a packed room
Connie reading from her novel

Set in Michigan's lower peninsula on Island Lake or the nearby town of Brighton, Girl Without Skin leads us from autumn of 1965 to autumn 1966, deeper and deeper into the minds of the residents around the lake and the growing certainty that things are not as they seem.

Jan introduces the book at Connie looks on
Connie gesturing as she explains the background of the book

There's a boy who lives across the street from us. His name is Robert Duffin. I didn't notice him until two years ago, when he was sixteen, and got his first car. It was old and very noisy. I started watching him from my bedroom window. He parked the car in the driveway, and was always washing and polishing it. Then he painted red and yellow flames along the sides. I thought it looked amazing. When my dad saw it he laughed and laughed. He started calling him 'Hot Rod'—not so Robert heard him. We live in the kind of neighbourhood where no one but the kids get to know each other. The grown-ups keep themselves to themselves.

Connie, seen from a middle row, introducing the next story
Connie, seen from a middle row, introducing the next story
Connie, seen from a middle row, introducing the next story

It was a superb evening, with friends and family coming to wish Connie and Girl Without Skin. Many thanks to the staff at Waterstone's for helping the event go so smoothly. And big well done to Connie.

Jan and the audience clap at the end of the reading
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