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Launching Novels Online


by Jennifer Young

We had our second online launch on 13 May, with Adnan Mahmutović's At the Feet of Mothers and Jennifer Young launching her second Max Falkland spy novel, The Running Lie. If you missed out, don't worry…

Here's Jennifer to talk about taking her new novel on a blog tour:

Having a lockdown launch of a novel is interesting — and definitely not what I expected when I sent the manuscript into Jan over a year ago! I'm very much looking forward to the online launch this evening, but I am also hopeful of an in person launch at some point in the future.

Well before the lockdown descended, I decided to organise a blog tour for this novel, which I did not do for my first novel Cold Crash. I'm really glad I did, as it has been a hugely uplifting process in an unsettled time. I used Damppebbles to organise the blog tour, and Emma has been absolutely amazing throughout. She arranged for a mix of guest posts, a Q&A, novel spotlights and reviews. She has been amazing about tweeting and retweeting, giving me a lot more exposure than I would have normally achieved alone. I've realised I'm quite cautious in the volume of my social media output and having someone else behind the tweeting has been very helpful! It has also been a very lovely way to raise awareness of the virtual launch.

I've really enjoyed reading the reviews. It's fascinating to see what each book blogger focussed on. A common theme seems to be that The Running Lie doesn't fit cleanly into a particular genre, instead mixing several types. It's something I enjoyed doing, partly because I like to read a wide range of styles!

For other authors, I would definitely recommend a blog tour for any launch. It's been a fabulous experience. Many thanks to Emma and all the book bloggers.


Guest posts:


Book spotlights:

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