White Leaves of Peace
at Drakes Bookshop, 26th April, 2019

by Tracey Iceton

Having already launched parts one and two of my Celtic Colours Trilogy, I should have felt at ease for the launch of White Leaves of Peace, after all, this was familiar ground to me. But the novel is about what it's been like for those growing up in the north of Ireland since the 1998 Peace Agreement. And, as the novel reveals, that experience has not been the carefree childhood that should have been inevitable in the wake of Good Friday 1998.

Tracey reading from her novel

Instead, my research uncovered a continuation of the prejudices, inequalities and traumas that abounded during the Troubles. This was never more evident than on 19th April, 2019, when journalist Lyra McKee was killed observing rioting in Derry.

So launching the novel, I felt more unease than usual. The difference between my fictional world and real life suddenly seemed even more flimsy than it has with the other two books in the trilogy, both of which blur the boundaries between reality and imagination in an attempt to create fiction that tells the truth. I knew I had to say something about Ms McKee's murder at the launch and I hope I managed to do so without resorting to overly political speech-making.

Tracey taking questions from a packed audience

The launch went well though, with everyone there buying a copy of the book. Now I just have to wait and see what they think of it once they have read it!

There's also a short video of me reading at the launch.

Jan Fortune and Tracey Iceton introduce the book to the audience
Tracey takes a breather after the reading

You can get parts one and two of the Celtic Colours Trilogy (Green Dawn at St Enda's and Herself Alone in Orange Rain) at a special offer price, in case you've yet to find how gripping the series is. The finale, White Leaves of Peace, is out now.

Photos courtesy of Tracey Iceton