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New Liquorice Fish Releases

proof copies of Past Tense and Ed's WifeThe proof copies of the next two Liquorice Fish Books releases arrived this week.

Past Tense is L/FB's contribution to Cinnamon's tenth anniversary celebrations: 10 writers offering their own take on anniversary, memory and the past. Contributors include Jane Monson, Bill Trüb, Patricia Debney, and L/FB's editor-in-chief, Adam Craig. Past Tense is a tight, varied collection we're proud to be publishing.

Liquorice Fish Book's main release this season, however, is Ed's Wife and Other Creatures by Vanessa Gebbie, with illustrations by Lynne Roberts. Of the book's genesis, Vanessa says she was:

sitting on a holiday balcony, watching a flock of starlings wheeling overhead, idly trying to keep my eye on one of them — and for a split second the flock fractured into the shape of a woman. What if the one I was following was her heart? And I was off.

Ed's Wife and Other Creatures promises to be a special release for Cinnamon's new imprint.

Past Tense and Ed's Wife and Other Creatures will both be launched officially at Cinnamon's 10th Anniversary weekend at the beginning of October. You can pre-order them now.

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Monday, 30 March 2020