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New releases from Liquorice Fish Books

If the year so far has been relatively quite (on the publishing front, at least — see our latest blog for a flavour of what else we're about), early next year promises to be a busy period for LF/B.

Cover art for This is the End of the StoryFirst up, we're proud to announce a new short novel from Cinnamon Press founder, Jan Fortune. Dealing with the conflict between inner and outer reality This is the End of the Story follows a friendship as it changes and unfurls, a friendship that presents the book's central character, Catherine, with the possibility that she might be the reincarnation of a 11th Century Moslem princess-cum-Christian saint. Is it madness, fantasy, or simply play? Partly a Quixote-like tale of belief verses consensual reality, partly a coming of age story, and set amongst the industrial wastelands of the English North-East during the 1970s and the timeless elegance of the Spanish city of Toledo, This is the End of the Story is a tightly written work of acute vision and daring.

Cover art for What rain tells usWhat rain tells us, the new collection by Gail Ashton, also deals with the differences between inner and outer mental spaces, in this case an intimate and compelling account of mental breakdown and the first steps to recovery. Gail's writing, as ever, is beautifully honed and judged, but, in What rain tells us, it pushes into newer and more daring areas: this is truly innovative, idiosyncratic and personal writing, full of surprise, wit and energy, that mixes the concrete with the lyrical and the frank.

Cover art for What Lies WithinAnd, finally (!), after a lengthy wait for those involved, LF/B will be publishing What Lies Within, its latest anthology, drawn from the mini-competition, "the lies we tell ourselves" held last year. Together with winning writing from Jean Harrison, Nigel Hutchinson, Jane Lovell, Joanne Stryker, and David Mark Williams, the collection brings together new prose and poetry from Patricia Debney, Jan Fortune, Judy Kendall, Donna Kirstein, Pete Marshall, Jane Monson, Jez Noond, Ashley Lloyd Smith, and LF/B's editor, Adam Craig. This is one of the strongest and most varied collections we've put out yet, its contributors taking the central theme and pulling it in unexpected directions: sometimes touching, sometimes disturbing, always insightful.

So, a busy spring for Liquorice Fish Books, but the remainder of the year will be as active, as we prepare the first collections from writers on the LF/B mentoring scheme, ready Ashley Smith's extraordinary debut novel, Pizza with Jimbob and Twoforks, for its 2018 release, and also … Ah, but for that, you'll just have to wait.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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