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Ogham Tree Results


We had a great response to the this year's theme. It caught a lot of imaginations and brought in an interesting array of entries, sometimes drawing inspiration from the tree/letter meanings originated by Robert Graves, sometimes taking a side-on approach to each prompt.

Arriving at a final list, even when there can be a goodly number of successful entrants, as in this case, is never easy. But we finally selected these writers to appear in the special edition pamphlet based on the competition:

  1. Gail Ashton;
  2. Zoe Broom;
  3. Stan Galloway;
  4. Jean Hall;
  5. Nigel Hutchinson;
  6. Tim Kiely;
  7. Donna Kirstein;
  8. Joan McGavin;
  9. Sue Moules;
  10. Jude O Mahony;
  11. Art Ó Súilleabháin;
  12. Janet Olearski;
  13. David Olsen;
  14. Ness Owen;
  15. Vincent Steed;
  16. Vivienne Tregenza;
  17. Lynn Valentine;
  18. Emily Vanderploeg;
  19. Laura Wainwright; and
  20. Patricia Helen Wooldridge.

Each drew us in a different way — you can find more by downloading the full adjudication report.

A big thank you to everyone who entered this competition — you gave us plenty to read and think about — and congratulations to those writers who will be appearing in the special edition pamphlet. Look out for In the Voice of Trees this autumn.

Why did I just give up almost two weeks pay?
2019 Literature Award Results


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Friday, 06 August 2021

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