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The Vitus Dreams Acid Test

Actually two acid tests in the same week and neither of them having anything to do with Ken Kesey.

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Under the Covers

Under the Covers

Growing up in the age of the gatefold sleeve and the triple album, I always wanted to design record covers and was deeply upset to have to accept that I was never going to be Roger Dean or Rodney Matthews. Fast forward, oh, at least that many years, and here I am, designing covers for Cinnamon books. Is it as exciting, as glamorous, as just, well, stunning as I'd dreamed? Well …

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Launching a New Website

Cinnamon Press is proud to launch a new website to coincide with its tenth anniversary. Over the last five years we've had new design and a great site generously provided by Armin Osmancavic and maintained by Cinnamon author, Adnan Mahmutovic. Earlier this year this lovely site was hacked and, whilst we were going in ever decreasing circles trying to remove the unwanted adverts for prescription medications, Sarah Willans came to the rescue.

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Guest — Sue Hubbard
Fantastic Jan x
Sunday, 12 July 2015 11:39
Guest — Diane
Loving this new website
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 15:43
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