The Quarter Days/Cross Quarter Days mini-competition has now finished and the winning entries will be announced soon.

We're currently giving the mini-competitions a rest while we concentrate on our Citizen of Nowhere short story/flash fiction competition.

Past Results & Winners

Wheel of the Year Competitions

The winners of this special, rolling series of competitions were:

  • Patricia Helen Wooldridge;
  • Chris Considine;
  • Donna Kirstein;
  • Gabriel Griffin;
  • Nigel Hutchinson;
  • Ama Bolton;
  • Derek Sellen;
  • Gail Ashton;
  • Karen Robbie;
  • Rachel Spence;
  • Sarah Watkinson;
  • Steve Xerri;
  • Vasiliki Albedo;
  • Nicola Warwick;
  • Fiona Owen;
  • Ali Jones;
  • David Olsen;
  • Mary Oliver; and
  • Olivia Walwyn.

Their entries will be appearing in a forthcoming limited edition pamphlet.

Other Past Winners

  1. Utopia mini-competition won by Ama Bolton's 'Elsewhere'.
  2. Taste of mini-competition won by Mair de Gare Pitt's 'Dust'.


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