Cinnamon Mentoring Scheme

Cinnamon Press mentoring scheme has been running since 2013 and each year we've worked with around twenty talented writers to develop and push their work even further.

Who is it for?

Our students have included a range of writers, many of whom have previously entered one of our competitions or sent submissions to Envoi. Amongst those who have taken part have been:

  • unpublished writers with full manuscripts looking for a last honing and sharpening;
  • published authors with a new project that benefitted from an outside eye;
  • Creative Writing lecturers who had new work that needed time and space; and
  • many writers who had previously done an MA or PhD in writing, but wanted feedback and intensive input that was not tied to an academic appraisal system.

When does it take place?

The mentoring programme is a year-long process. We ask for applications from October to December 15 and select by early January In late January we match students and mentors and ask for your manuscript or work in progress and there are then dates for feedback through the year.

How is it delivered?

We have a great team of writers and editors, many with years of teaching experience and/or with publishing experience and all of them writers themselves.

We match students to mentors by looking carefully at the manuscripts and what each writer is trying to achieve. Mentors work closely with your manuscript for a year, offering feedback, looking at revisions and advising on structure, etc.

What is the aim?

Having someone to regularly show your work to and receive feedback from puts a lot of pressure on the writing process to help you make your manuscript the best it can possibly be, whether it is poetry, short fiction, fiction, or a more elusive genre. First and foremost the aim is to give you the opportunity to devote time and attention to making your work shine and we've seen manuscripts transform, even when they've been strong at the outset of the year.

Cinnamon Press reserves two dedicated slots in each year's publishing timetable for two books from mentoring students. Sometimes we are able to expand on this, but the two is a guaranteed minimum. We also help students, particularly in the final residential workshops, to look at a range of publishing opportunities. And we are confident that you will end the year with a stronger manuscript and feeling much more assured about your writing — we certainly get excellent feedback from our students:

"Thanks again for the mentorship scheme, I have got so much out of it. It has been the most sustained feedback I have ever had on my work and has completely transformed the novel. It had been languishing on my laptop for eight years and with my mentor's help, I have breathed life back into it. I am so grateful for the opportunity and it was worth every penny. Thanks Cinnamon Press!"
"It is hard to think the year of mentoring is ending. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this process. J. has been an enormous help to me. His feedback has helped me push my writing forward and I am a stronger writer coming out of this year than the one that went in. I will carry forward many of his insights into my new work. It has been hard at times, but always positive and enjoyable."

Download an application form or, to find out more, read our full guides. Any other questions, please get in touch.

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