Ten Minutes of Weather Away — Leonie Charlton

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The sense of place and of senses porous to land and sea bring to life this stand-out sequence of poems. The voice, at once conversational and distinctive, is engaging and personal. There's an ache at the core of the beauty here, not of self-pity or of indulgence, but of empathy, of griefs, both human and beyond human, that held to the light, recognised, and invite compassion. This is clear-eyed but gracious poetry.

Author biography

Photo of Leonie CharltonLeonie Charlton lives on the west coast of Scotland amongst the people, weather, hills and animals she loves. Her poetry has been widely published in literary magazines and ezines. Ten Minutes of Weather Away is her first poetry pamphlet. Leonie also writes fiction and creative non-fiction and her travel memoir Marram, the story of her journey up through the Outer Hebrides with Highlands ponies, was published by Sandstone Press in 2020, and has been described as "a love letter to the natural world and a clear appraisal of complicated relationships — gentle, raw and honest." Much of her writing is based on a sense of place and our relationship with other species and the natural world. You can read more about Leonie at www.leoniecharlton.co.uk.