A Locket of Hermes — Adam Craig

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Ruined by the 1929 stock market crash, Tristram finds himself penniless and stranded in Budapest, friendless and far from home. He's given a last chance to save himself — simply deliver an old locket to be repaired. But in a near miss road accident, the locket vanishes and he finds himself on the streets. Befriended by the suave but dissolute Voit, Tristram becomes convinced the locket has been stolen by the ruthless Attar Nox and he and Voit try to steal it back. The robbery goes wrong and Tristram finds himself on the run. Along the way, he meets Alba, Nox's former prisoner. As they find temporary refuge in a small basement flat, Tristram is haunted by spectres past and present and, when their safety is finally shattered by the appearance of an unexpected ghost from his past, he is forced deeper into a quest that is stranger and more challenging than Tristram realises.

Blending echoes of Celtic myth and Grail legend with an undercurrent of Alchemical thought, A Locket of Hermes is a spiritual quest towards a deeper reality, a deeper sense of self.

Author Biography

Adam Craig is a writer, editor, mentor, photographer and graphic designer. His longstanding interest in mysticism and the occult is reflected in his second novel, In Dreams the Minotaur Appears Last, and in his short story collection, High City Walk, which features the story 'Marietta Merz', which forms a counterpoint to A Locket of Hermes.