Minorities not Minority 3: Poets from Friuli

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The translation of the anthology ‘Poets from Friuli’ is part of a larger and innovative project conceived by the translators to present ‘Italian authors who do not speak/write/dream only in Italian but in regional languages, to reach the world in English’. In the third in this unique series Anna Bogaro presents parallel texts in Friulian and English from an extensive range of poets spanning the late nineteenth century to contemporary writers and including poems by the renowned film-maker, Pasolini.

There is a strong sense of time, of eternity, of spirituality that emerges in ancestral pre-Christian rites. Restless and inevitably connected to a singular land with a distinctive history, yet simultaneously eager to open to the world, the Friulian poets featured in this anthology are part of a long and well-established tradition in the panorama of literature in dialect that continues today.

ANNA BOGARO  is a researcher, teacher, journalist and political activist who recently ran for office as a candidate for the Democratic Party. Born in 1972, Anna has a degree in Arts and a PhD in Linguistics and Literature. She has researched extensively in Italian minority languages and teaches the literature and history of Friulian at the University of Udine. She lives in San Giovanni al Natisone with her husband and two young children.

ANDREA BIANCHI & SILVANA SIVIERO, the founding editors of the series, work as translators from English and Welsh to Italian or from Italian to English. Silvana is a bilingual translator and teacher born in Wales. Together they have translated some of the most important voices of Welsh literature. They also organize festivals.

JAN FORTUNE is commissioning editor at Cinnamon Press and has published non-fiction books as well as four novels and two poetry collections.