Minorities no Minority; A Window on Italian Cultures Volume 4: Poets from Ladinia

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Edited by Rut Bernardi, Fabio Chiocchetti & Paul Videsott
Translated by Iain Craig & Jan Fortune

“The writers in this anthology are Italian, not a minority as such, but they think and dream in the language and dialects of their valleys. We live more in our language than in any country; the words used to describe reality affecting that reality, interacting on every level with the psycho-geography in which we find ourselves. Yet we also want to reach out to those who dream in other languages. Whatever the colonial past of English, in this moment it offers a bridge between dreams that might otherwise not be heard beyond their immediate circles. The vision of the minority languages series is to honour these languages, whilst giving them a window to a wider world; a witness to those who will not be intimidated into quietly going into extinction.” Jan Fortune
“This anthology gives a glimpse of some rare alpine flowers, humble but precious, born between white rocks that at dawn and dusk are tinged with pink. Short and intense, contemproary ladin poetry reaches well beyond the limits of folklore. ...Ladin is a small language that boasts a consistent lyric production which is articulate and complex; a mirror to a history of tensions, uncertainties, contradictory aspirations and worries that our time fuels. Not only concerned with the value of a minority language, contemporary writers give expression to internal worlds, releasing a new phase of development that leads the still young ladin literature towards full maturity.” Fabio Chiocchetti