White Leaves of Peace — Tracey Iceton

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The final part in the gripping Celtic Colours Trilogy

Northern Ireland, Good Friday, 1998. The Belfast Peace Agreement is signed, the Troubles are officially over. This should be the start of a new life for nine year-old Cian Duffy. But growing up in peace-torn Belfast is not easy and, when the sectarian conflicts of the present collide with his mother's IRA past, Cian is forced to search for that new life elsewhere.

UK, 23 June, 2016: Britain votes for Brexit and new troubles threaten. Amid seismic political changes, Cian must somehow confront both the past and the future. Because peace is hard won — you have to fight for it.

Through her story, Tracey gives life to the histories of so many men, women, and children during this period, creating a beacon for recognition of their untold stories. The author truly captures that the fire of history can shed a bright light, but that it can also cast a long, dark shadow into the future.

Jim McIlmurray
Case Coordinator for the Hooded Men of 1971

White Leaves of Peace is a novel of youthful identities, the identities of individuals and the identities of nations. A fine-drawn novel of person and place.

Graeme Harper
Editor, New Writing

The Celtic Colours Trilogy

The first volume in the trilogy, Green Dawn at St Enda's, and part two, Herself Alone in Orange Rain, are on sale separately, or get both books at the special price of £15.

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