Citizens of Nowhere: An Anthology of Utopic Fiction — Rowan B. Fortune (ed.)

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For me, to be a citizen of nowhere is to be uncertainly poised between those challenges [we face today] and a defiant hope that, five hundred years on from More's great contribution to literature, can rightly call itself utopian.

from Rowan B. Fortune's Forward

Thomas Moore's no-place that might be anywhere, anywhen, Utopia, has haunted our imaginations for over 500 years. Dismissed as a lost realm in this Age of Despair, Citizens of Nowhere offers route maps to this place where our ideals and our lives can coincide. Now more than ever, we need the hope of utopia. Citizens of Nowhere reminds us that it is never far away.

Finding utopias within sci-fi, horror, romanti fantasy and modernist fiction, Citizens of Nowhere brings together stories from: Nina Anana, Fiona Ashley, Sonya Blanck, Rowan B. Fortune, Ben Jacob, George Lea, Greg Michaelson, Jez Noond, James Perrin, Diana Powell, Omar Sabbagh and Robin Lindsay Wilson.

Editor biography

Rowan B FortuneRowan B Fortune is an author of strange utopias and gothic parables, a philosophical optimist in love with fiction’s capacity to expose — paraphrasing Pascal — the extraordinary in the ordinary. Currently a denizen of London, Rowan haunts occult bookshops, hosts a socialist reading group and runs the editing service, Rowan Tree Editing.

A former editor and writing mentor at Cinnamon Press, Rowan has a PhD in creative writing, specialising in utopian fiction.