Never to Be Told — Michelle Angharad Pashley

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A gripping mystery from the acclaimed author of Black Sheep Cottage

Paul's mother abandoned him when he was a baby.

Evie's mother died in a car accident.

All Paul knows is what the private investigator told his father twenty-one years ago.

Now Evie is a private investigator. And Paul wants to find out what really happened to his mother.

There are secrets never to be told. But secrets rarely stay buried and, when the truth begins to surface, who will want to face it?

As the disturbing secrets mount, both families will be changed forever.

Never To Be Told is a dark and haunting story of the power of lies and repression. Intensely disquieting, this compelling novel, from mystery writer, Michelle Angharad Pashley, reveals the consequences of secrets across the lives of two intertwined families; how secrets imprison us and what happens when they are brought to light. Convincing and poignant, Never To Be Told establishes Pashley as a remarkable author of the human psyche.

Catch up with Michelle's other mystery novels: Black Sheep Cottage and The Remains of the Dead.

Author biography

Photo of Michelle PashleyMichelle Angharad Pashley completed an MPhil in Endocrinology and a PhD in Genetic Misconceptions. She worked for many years as a lecturer in Biological Sciences at Guildford College after a career in medical research, during which she published several articles on platelet function in the journal, Thrombosis and Haemostasis. In 2002 she retired from lecturing and moved to North Wales with her husband. She worked as a child support worker with Gwynedd Council for 8 years, finally retiring in 2011 to write full-time. Her first novel, Black Sheep Cottage, has been widely reviewed and enthusiastically received, as has its follow-up, The Remains of the Dead. Her latest is the stand-alone mystery novel, Never to be Told.