Crossing the Bloodline — Angela Platt

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This is a magnificent collection, unhurriedly recreating people and exploring relationships that have made the poet who she is.

Ann Drysdale

In the powerful, often joyous poems of crossing the bloodline, Angela Platt writes movingly of subjects like family and memories… It’s a magic thing, the way that words can conjure the past and people to stand here right before us, and so wonderful to find a poet who can make this happen.

Jonathan Edwards

>Offering an affectionate and often humorous peek into a child's world as she matures, crossing the bloodline touches on universal human experiences from sibling rivalry to love; from loss to the wisdom that comes too late, taking us on a journey to the crossing point where childhood and maturity meet face to face. Lucid and tightly honed, this is gracious poetry that will leave images resonating long after reading.

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