The Hand of Love — Simak Haikal

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The Hand of Love is a book that was never meant to be published, never to have an audience.

A collection of poems meditating upon the theme of love, crafted by the hand, inked by a poet compelled to write a soul's musing on love, the experience at the heart of being human.

This debut collection of poems is Book One of a trilogy, the prelude of love. The author is currently working on Book Two, the letter L, a Literary Affair: Poet & Muse.

Author biography

Portrait photo of Simak HaikalSimak Haikal was born and bred in Bradford, Yorkshire in the UK. His family migrated from Pakistan in the late 1960s, making England their home. He describes himself as an accidental and reluctant poet, who tripped up on a word. He is currently living and working in Sydney, Australia.