Parramisha — Frances Roberts-Reilly

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What's written about us by non-Roma is a stereotypical image that's both romantic and vilified. In writing our own Parramisha-story we are obligated to deconstruct those prevailing narratives readily available in popular culture and that have unjustly treated us.

Parramisha challenges the reader to reconstruct a new image as a life affirming narrative of our wholeness as a Romani identity.

This is a an evocative debut collection from Frances Roberts Reilly, where everyday objects and belongings are transformed into all things magical, a true delight. Parramisha … will transport you to the heart of Welsh Romany life as it traces the Tatcho Romany Drom, the True Heart's Path and brings the voices of old Gypsy souls back to life.

Raine Geoghegan

This deeply felt collection is an exemplar of how a Romani heritage may be celebrated … as a wellspring of cultural innovation and adaptation within diverse contemporary society.

Thomas Acton, OBE, Emeritus Professor of Romani Studies

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