Rehearsals for the Real World — Robin Lindsay Wilson

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Each of the compelling microfictions in this extraordinary collection is a monologue spoken by someone with a distinctive point-of-view. Weaving together, the human condition is expressed by characters addressing their positive, negative, humorous, tragic and contradictory thoughts, so that the overall effect is immersive and full of revelation and insight.

For drama students, each monologue presents specific textual challenges to a performer in training. For all those fascinated by what makes us human, these tightly honed and layered pieces throw a spotlight on the attitudes, difficulties and relationships which make up the world at large.

A compendium of five hundred and fifty-seven first person micro-fiction monologues, Rehearsals for the Real World builds bridges between and interrogates the nature of drama's relationship to life, peeling away the masks we wear and providing a rich repository that will inspire, educate and delight alike drama students and all readers fascinated by the human condition.

Watch a performance of 'Games People Play'

Watch a performance of 'The Escape Artist'

Rehearsals for the Real World will be an indispensable asset for any teacher of acting. Its exploration of life and humanity in all its richness will also make this an engrossing read for everyone.

Julie K Austin, Drama Teacher and Film/TV Acting Couch

Every one of these monologues is a nugget of humanity in all its myriad complexities and subtleties; they are full of depth, detail and originality — exactly what every actor needs to create truthful character. Any actor-trainer will relish working with these. Not a word is wasted.

Ali De Souza, associate Head of Acting, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Author biography

Robin Lindsay WilsonRobin Lindsay Wilson was born in South Australia but has lived, studied and worked in Scotland for many years. He has a wide background in theatre and lectures in Acting and Performativity on the Acting and Performance programme at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. An award-winning playwright and poet, Robin's work has appeared in many literary magazines and his poetry collections Ready Made Bouquets, Myself and Other Strangers and Backstage in Paradise are all published by Cinnamon Press. His poetry exhibition, The Landmark series, was commissioned for the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is displayed along the hospital corridors as insets into large graphic images, created from stories related by the hospital staff. Robin lives in Glasgow.