The Garden of Shadow and Delight - Rebecca Hubbard

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Rebecca Hubbard observes fragility and change with an incisive eye and a humane heart. Lucid, precise language, fresh imagery and a bitter-sweet sensibility, that is sometimes poignant, sometimes joyful, but never sentimental, leads us through five themes on the garden. Here we find decay and space, shadow and absence, yet also the assurance that it is, ‘Not long till the sap stirred, … a surge of growth ripping through the wintery cemetery.’

Meditative, but accessible, this accomplished sequence of prose poetry offers the garden as a locus of art, rhythm, healing, vision and remembrance, moving between light and shadow, but always with the promise of ‘the scent of azaleas gusting in like honey.’

In this book-length collection of prose-poems that weave a multitude of voices around the theme of the garden, Rebecca Hubbard gives a sense of someone being picked up by their material and genuinely surprised by what they find themselves writing – a remarkable find, in its parts and as a whole. - Philip Gross

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