Moorings - Kathleen M Quinlan

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Tight, lyrical pieces and compelling narrative sequences combine in this excellent debut collection that convinces with precise language and acute observation. Charting a narrative arc from a childhood in Maine, the sense of journeying is never far beneath the surface as the poet's persona forges new identities. From the meaning of 'home' to the sense of spiritual quest that moves beyond inherited faith, these are poems that are authentic and honest, firmly rooted in the natural world seen through the eyes of a keen intelligence.


Come with me
and I'll take you to the two-faced
mountain with one foot in the snow,
another in the sun. Choose a leaf
and let it fall like a tear into the creek
that meanders Northward through forest
and ice-chiselled lakes to an unbridled
river that submits to the sea.

Come with me
and I'll show you another way.
Watch a leaf choose me and leap
from my hands like a dancer
into the ever-changing falls,
tumbling somersaults Southward
to a sweeping, salty bay.

Come with me
and we'll hold hands
over the Great Divide.
We'll imagine these two leaves
going forth each in its own direction
reunited in a wave
on some secret shore.

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