Moving Pictures - Martin Zarrop

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In this long awaited debut collection following an award wining pamphlet (No Theory of Everything) Martin Zarrop combines quiet imagery and a reflexive tone to powerful affect. Meticulous observation and attention to detail is coupled with a humane sensibility; intelligent probing paired with a gentleness of spirit. These are poems to read and read again.

Written with a mathematician's eye and a poet's heart, these poems are wide-ranging and thoughtful, with a quiet and insistent energy moving through them. The intersection of personal and world history is an on-going concern in this collection, and Martin Zarrop's closely observed poems explore this with both tenderness and humour.

Kim Moore

Readers will get a good sense of Martin Zarrop's unusual imagination when they read his poem 'Dry Run', where 'gulls trace their trajectories through mist / crying "Higgs!, Higgs!, Higgs!"' and even the flies have 'their own theories of everything' (for all the good it does them!). Here, as elsewhere in this fine debut, Zarrop's vocabulary draws on his training as a mathematician, but his poems veer far away from set solutions, relishing instead the uncertainties with which both poets and mathematicians must work.

John McAuliffe

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