Turn/Return - Jan Fortune

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Turn/Return is a poetry sequence of 25 short, inventive poems that arose from interaction with Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's box of cards, 'Oblique Strategies'. Conceived to break creative impasses, each card offers an often quirky, sometimes cryptic, sometimes challenging solution to artistic dilemmas. In this sequence, four cards provided the skeleton of each poem until the whole deck was used. These phrases, transformed and often obliterated in the process of writing mingled with other influences, from art works by George Condo and Rebecca Horn to watching couples tango by the Seine on an April Sunday afternoon; from living through a long Welsh winter when spring seemed never to arrive to re-visiting Teesside. Fragmentary, elliptical, rich in imagery, yet formally distinctive and pared back, Turn/Return is an exquisitely produced limited edition poetry pamphlet to savour.

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