On the Bevel - Janice Moore Fuller

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The poetry is accessible, lucid, and finely crafted, concentrating on themes that draw the reader in – change, loss, relationships, memory and language. This is wonderfully subtle, nuanced, intelligent and humane collection of poems; a book that deals seriously with the limitations of communication, but also takes a positive stance in engaging with the reader, giving the collection gravitas whilst remaining comprehensible. This is poetry that intellectually engages and challenges the audience without distancing.

Janice Fuller’s work combines cool intelligence with warm accessibility. Her narrative poems are contemplative in  tone;  ‘Houdini in a white chemise’ also sums up her poetry, as the poems  break free and the pull of gravity against a heightened awareness   is made resplendent by lightness and grace.  We can also hear the poet sing alive these songs as they reach out for transcendence.  These poems too become our siblings as we return to their company, energized  in their presence. Each poem a paean, borne out of pain, of joy in the ‘everlasting yes’. - Menna Elfyn


In these personal and meaningful poems, Fuller does what the best poetry does: by finding the perfect details of a life, she gives us a deeper, richer understanding of Life – from its ‘quiet desires’ to its bones and ashes and shadows. - Carolyn Elkins


Everyone’s loved like family in On the Bevel, all of the miscreant ghosts, glum gods, ex-lovers, good daughters, and curious cats who haunt the poet’s imagination. But Fuller’s also a seeker; her virtuoso poems celebrate mutability, even as they propitiate the dark. Thank you, Janice Moore Fuller, for sharing with us your finest work yet. - Alan Michael Parker

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