Lines in the Sky - Richard Douglas Pennant

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There's a lovely spare clarity to the beautifully sculpted prose poems that make up Lines in the Sky, a sense of poignancy that is always well controlled as themes of love, loss, memory, family and friendship weave together. The poet's ear for music combine with his visual acuity to make this an accomplished debut collection, rich in affective imagery, evocative and haunting. Accompanied by a CD of pieces set to music, Lines in the Sky, showcases a distinctive voice full of humanity and exploring the prose poetry form to maximum affect.

I mean, it's almost as if we had somehow outlived,
outgrown life"s welcome that we   rehearsed for so long
final goodbyes, our leave taking and that one last thing
remembered, and just before parting, spoken.

Then those silences.

(from 'A Picture of my Father')

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