Inside the Smile - Tamsin Hopkins

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Inside the Smile sees short-story author, Tamsin Hopkins, finding her voice as a wry, accomplished poet. In a debut pamphlet that punches way above its weight, Hopkins examines family relationships, the role of women, unusual landscape and surreal experience with a deft wit and scallop-sharp language.

Juanita changes her destiny

I will not follow to the mountain
to drink and die and freeze for them.

I will walk
      until I find the dunes
then dig a hollow
      until it falls on me.

I will sleep there, foetal,
my life a libation to the sands.

I will not rot or stink and putrefy,
but will desiccate, a desert sacrifice,

with twisted cheeks, snarling teeth,
tattoos and patchy orange hair

and they will wonder why
      I needed nothing with me             in my afterlife.


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