The Green Gate - Fiona Owen

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The Green Gate sees Fiona Owen working at the peak of her talent. Deftly exploring landscapes, both interior and with a finely tuned sense of place, this is eloquent, lyrical and courageous poetry in which the threads of encounter continually weave.

There is a degree of openness in Owen’s poetry that constantly surprises and satisfies. Experiences that might vanish are noted with lucid precision. The language is inventive and the images are not only original, but seem to be part of the order of things. Another remarkable collection from an accomplished poet —

Let us say it is a kind of jewel. ("Still Life")
The book "speaks so much for so many of us … these poems are like watercolours … full of sound, gentle rustling, a spirit moving through … Things glimpsed almost out of the corner of an eye … thank Heaven there's someone writing poems like these!"
Seán Street
"I've read The Green Gate and there are so many poems I love in it … The poems about your parents at the end of their lives are profoundly moving, also seeing your father as a personality in that wonderfully immediate "Father's Day". Overall what speaks to me most is your close observation and spiritual connection with nature, the way you use small detail and events, your total authenticity and celebration of life."
Myra Schneider

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