Odd Fellows - Pete Marshall

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Brilliantly observed, wry, witty and brimming with energy, the latest collection from Pete Marshall ranges from short lyric pieces to prose poems to text conversations to draw astute word-portraits of its array of 'odd fellows'. Inventive, scalpel-sharp, yet humane and affectionate, Marshall's characters engage, entertain and enlighten, revealing the human condition with all its foibles, flaws and attachments. Oddfellows is an accessible, compelling and distinctive collection from a remarkable voice.


Teds, circa 1974/76

…we were cut throated visionaries

hard as cotton candy

innocent as fish hooks

authentic as teeth pulled from a plastic comb

lip curlers in brothel creepers and boot lace ties who sulked for the cameras and rode bench seat Galaxy caravans on frenzied migrations to half suspecting coastal towns


preening velvet plumage we’d roost in bars brooding with adolescent nonchalance over the pony tailed and stilettoed girls who flocked along the prom while on the pier speakers blasted rock ’n’ roll twenty years too late for all except the draped and winkle picking originals who bopped and jived with pot-bellied sincerity their mock-brylcream quiffs salt lacquered by the breeze…

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