All the Different Darknesses — Gill Horitz

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All the Different Darknesses explores our sense of what lies within or beyond the everyday, taking inspiration from the lives of objects, as well as familial memories and disturbances emerging from '... the different darknesses'.

Gill Horitz’s poetry is precisely focused and intricately made. It imports large, at times terrifying, landscapes into small, almost claustrophobic, interiors where we may live a while with the poet. It demands to be read carefully, but the rewards of a reader’s care are rich. The poems remember pasts and dream futures – sometimes, vice versa — in which the untouchable is rendered sensuous and the unthinkable is rigorously thought through. Listen to Horitz’s characteristic diction; love her intelligence; appreciate her fine-tuned feminism; admire her passion. Having valued her work for a long time I’m pleased to enjoy the full strength of this gathering.

Paul Hyland

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