Backstage in Paradise — Robin Lindsay Wilson

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Robin Lindsay Wilson's is a distinctive style — the hallmark short lines that turn with dexterity into a single, often unpunctuated, sentence running through a whole poem. He pushes this style hard in this third collection, finding an assured and beguiling voice. Shrewd and sharp-sighted, this intelligent writing offers alternative perspectives throughout these wry, layered poems. Always inventive, Backstage in Paradise is another highly accomplished collection.

Here we have poems that in their own selves sing…

Backstage in Paradise … is about life as lived, the thoughts behind thoughts; about the near painful self-delusions necessary to contemporary life … [The] Story Tellers, written for Otto Dix, should be compulsory reading for all those who go by 'accepted fact' and 'certainties'. A collection that looks beyond.

Sam Smith, The Journal



crooked blasts of light
were stapled helplessly
to the corridor wall

the torturer blinked
loosened his top button
broke into a whistle

undid his Topshop tie
draped it over his shoulder

and on his way to lunch
through the swing doors
recognised a merciful God

lighting his long stride
to the Chef's Special


Author biography

Robin Lindsay WilsonRobin Lindsay Wilson was born in South Australia but has lived, studied and worked in Scotland for many years. He has a wide background in theatre and lectures in Acting and Performativity on the Acting and Performance programme at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. An award-winning playwright and poet, Robin's work has appeared in many literary magazines and his poetry collections Ready Made Bouquets, Myself and Other Strangers and Backstage in Paradise are all published by Cinnamon Press. His poetry exhibition, The Landmark series, was commissioned for the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is displayed along the hospital corridors as insets into large graphic images, created from stories related by the hospital staff. Robin lives in Glasgow.