Zones of Avoidance - Maggie Sawkins

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Major new poetry collection from winner of the Ted Hughes Award.

Zones of Avoidance grew out of a sequence of poems inspired by the writer’s personal and professional involvement with people in recovery from addictions and combines her own moving testimony with the voices of addicts in recovery. Already featured at many festivals, the book will accompany future tours of the ambitious, award-winning multimedia performance of this brave, inspiring and moving collection.

It is a challenging, painfully open account of a daughter’s addiction, yet it’s an account which also offers graceful good humour. Beautifully written and uncompromising, it’s a modern story that we felt the writer was compelled to tell; it acts as a vivid witness of harsh experiences which aren’t often described in poetry. - Denise Riley, judging the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.

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