In Search of Home - Chris Considine

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New collection from poet shortlisted for Forward Prize for best first collection.

In Search of Home moves around a single theme with extraordinary range. Accomplished and intelligent, this is poetry that always satisfies: witty, literate, compassionate and beautifully measured, Considine explores what it means to belong, what might constitute identity, what we might mean by ‘home’ when:

‘I’m little more than shreds snagged on nails
of this and that loved and abandoned place,’ (Far to Go)

Praise for previous collections:

Chris Considine writes with straightforward honesty, infectious energy and real wit. Her subject matter may begin as an immediate response to a particular, quite ordinary stimulus but often leads to the discovery of something unusual. - Ann Drysdale


The poems have a deftness of touch, a strongly visual impact, and employ an active language delighting in, as Tennyson has said, ‘fitting aptest words to things’. There is poignant seriousness and playful humour in poems that take a slantways view of the world and its history and therefore make us see things as if for the first time. - Matt Simpson (Stride)

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