Junction Road - Dean Harrison

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Junction Road is a finely crafted, mature debut from an experienced poet. Layered with humane observations and incisive imagery this is lyric poetry at its best – crafted, authentic and original.

Praise for Junction Road

In her first collection, Junction Road, Jean Harrison has a feel for the trickiness of things, rooms that shift, a face at the head of a table – a way of changing perspective so that the familiar becomes strange. She holds situations up to the light and invites us to see them with fresh eyes – a woman on the far side of the moon, Caliban abandoned by Prospero.

Of the many poems in this strong collection my favourite is ‘A look’, about the custom of viewing the dead.  There’s not a word out of place.  Read it carefully, read all the poems carefully.  You will be rewarded. - Patricia Pogson


Jean Harrison is haunted by the past and by the natural world, which weaves through these poems like rivers, roots, wind – illuminating, questioning, processing. With ‘total see-through clarity’ (‘Hilda’), her glancing eye casts new light in detail on everyday objects and events: ‘a stillness with uncertain edges’ (‘Waking’). But she is not seduced by blether: her well-laced shoes are firmly planted in the soil of her adopted lands of Ghana and the Yorkshire Dales. Even when she writes of sadness and tragedy she is always borne up by an underlying sense of hope and resurrection. - Janet Fisher

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