Leaf by Leaf
hybrid publishing from Cinnamon Press

Leaf by Leaf: hybrid publishing from Cinnamon PressLeaf by Leaf is our new a hybrid imprint, launching in 2020.

The idea is to support our publishing programme with a small number of select books that allow authors to pay a contribution for services such as editing, design and distribution. It's a model that several indie presses are doing well, providing value without charging ridiculous amounts and enabling more authors to find a platform without resorting to low quality services.

We want to ensure we can go on publishing our core list whatever the future brings and we can help to do that by also helping more authors into print.

The imprint is a collaborative venture with Rowan Tree Editing, run by run by Rowan Fortune, who also mentors students for us and worked as a Cinnamon editor for many years.

You'll find lots of information below and a form for submitting your manuscript but if you have any questions, email Rowan and we'll get back to you.