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A new competition will be announced in the New Year.

'The Lies We Tell Ourselves' Competition

Huge thanks are owed, once again, to everyone who submitted work to this competition. The winners and runners-up were as follows:


  • Jean Harrison: 'Driven Chaff';
  • Nigel Hutchinson: 'Family Secrets';
  • Jane Lovell: 'Inauguration Banquet';
  • Joanne Stryker: 'Fragments and Artefacts' and 'Structural Change'; and
  • David Mark Williams: 'Year of the Fly'.

All of the winners show a combination of unusual voice and individualistic viewpoint, tackling subjects as diverse as hypocrisy and long-hushed-up family tragedy.

Highly Commended

  • Christine Brandel ('The Car Full', 'His Arrows', and 'Fingers and Bones'); and
  • Wendy Holborrow ('I Address You').


  • Lorraine Coverley ('Ever-bubbling Spring of Endless Lies');
  • Ruth Hill ('The Process');
  • Joan Lennon ('They said, "Be wise as serpents."'); and
  • Vincent Ryan ('I can see her breathe');

‘Lost Voices’ Competition

A huge thank you is owed to everyone who submitted work to this, the first Liquorice Fish Books competition. The response was fantastic and choosing the winners and runners-up was not easy — a challenge that was a joy, however, as the range and standard of poetry and prose was wonderful. In the finish, seven writers have been awarded a place in the winners’ anthology because their work is not only great in itself, but also gives an idea of some of the areas and themes Liquorice Fish will be exploring in years to come. And, each of these writers has their own, individual voice — something else the imprint is keen to champion.


  • Lorraine Coverley: 'Substandard';
  • Josh Ekroy: 'Vote Water';
  • Judit Katalin Hollós: 'The Ballad of the Danso Player';
  • Soren Lundi: 'Teenage Carnivores';
  • Joan Michelson: 'i.m. 1919–1991';
  • Estill Pollock: 'Pavane for Lost Companions';
  • Alexa Radcliffe-Hart: 'Once There was a Bear'; and
  • David Mark Williams: 'Ticket'; 'Trees'; 'Driving the Ghost Bus'.

Highly Commended

  • Gillian Al-Chalabi (‘Lost Voices’);
  • Patricia Debney (‘The End Approaches and, Ironically, I Resist’, ‘Your Ideas for Making the World More Like a Place You Can Live In’);
  • Nigel Hutchinson (‘The Impossibility of Flight’); Joan Lennon (‘Icarus’ Mother’); and
  • Ashley Smith (‘Enemies are cool’, ‘Tea with a Hollywood hitman’, and ‘You have no right’).


  • Gail Ashton (‘How it ends’);
  • Christine Brandel (‘Frightening Verse: An Open Letter To Morrissey’);
  • Kay Buckley (‘Misterium’);
  • Lizzie Fincham (‘Slicing thoughts’);
  • Lynda McDonald (‘Body Parts: A Play in Two Parts’);
  • Carol McKay (‘The Pilgrim’s Way’);
  • Matthew Morris (‘Flesh and Blood’);
  • Christine Mustchin (‘Unbegotten Loss’);
  • Rosie Seymour (‘The Crack in the Ceiling’); and
  • Annette Skade (‘Found Poem: Telegrams Pasted in a Family Chronicle, 1863-1909′).

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