Mini 9: Heat

We had a great response to this competition so congratulations to everyone who entered and particularly to those who made the short list. You can read the full adjudication report heat adjudication.doc

The runners up were Jean Harrison with The hills.doc; Anne Thompson with Red Heat.doc and Estill Pollock with Afterimages.doc

The winners were Connie Bott with In the Heat Haze.docx and Derek Sellen with OTHELLO.docx

Mini 7: Very Short Fiction

Congratulations to all those who sent such strong work.

Thanks for well written, intriguing pieces from:

  • Tracey Iceton
  • Mike Greenhough
  • Sylvia Moody
  • Dorelia Josette Evans
  • Viki Birchall
  • Nicola Cunningham
  • Caroline Davies
  • Sarah Bianchi
  • Hannah Radcliffe
  • Dan Worth
  • Sandra Wilson
  • Miki Byrne
  • J Adamthwaite

And special thanks for superb reads from runners up whose work appears below

Jez Noond  VIVA-1

Roanne O’Neil Your pockets_0.5

Julia Bohanna Intent

Paul Blake From Paradise to Taprobane is forty leagues

David Gill ATidiness

Jan FitzGerald Miss Hoffman

And congratulations to the winner, whose work appears below and will be included in the April 2014 anthology.

Mavis Gulliver Just Another Saturday

Mini 6: Concrete Poetry

The ‘concrete poetry’ competition has now ended and congratulations to everyone who sent an entry – this subject sparked some really innovative pieces, so much so that we’re now contemplating a concrete anthology. But in the meantime a special congratulations to those poets whose work stood out in very strong field. Those who deserve a mention are: Lucinda Kowol; Alan Price; Rimas Uzgiris; Barbara Crane and Al McClimens (for Babel, It’s a long way down, Henry & 4-3-1-2); Gabriel Griffin (for Farewell & The Yellow Butterfly) and Desmond Kon (for all four entries) and Phil Madden (for Frozen & Blossom). Runners up (of which there are five because they were so good) are: Al McClimens – a coded love song; Corinna Toop – Lot’s Wife; Wendy Klein – Red Peony; Gabriel Griffin – The Beldowska Desert and Phil Madden – Moon Mole. And two joint winners (because we just couldn’t choose between these wonderful pieces) are: Mavis Gulliver – Island Sky & Phil Madden – Gaggle.


Phil Madden – Moon Mole

moon mole poster

Al McClimen – a coded love song

a coded love song

Corinna Toop – Lot’s Wife

Microsoft Word – Lots_Wife.doc

Wendy Klein – Red Peony

Microsoft Word – RED PEONY.doc

Gabriel Griffin – Bledowska Desert

Microsoft Word – BLEDOWSKA DESERT 16 Concrete.doc


Phil Madden – Gaggle


Mavis Gulliver – Island Sky

Microsoft Word – Island Sky concrete poem B.doc