This Line is Not For Turning - Jane Monson (Editor)

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This anthology of contemporary British prose poetry is the first of its kind in the UK. It celebrates prose poetry being written by writers such as George Szirtes, Pascale Petit, Carrie Etter, Luke Kennard, Andy Brown, Anthony Rudolf and Richard Gwyn, Linda Black and Kate North as well as new voices. The editor has chosen prose poems that have a distinctly unfussy but refreshingly original way of using the form. Closer to short prose in their economical use of storytelling, but expertly using sounds, tones, twists and rhythms of poetry, these pieces exemplify the craftwork involved in the form.

Homing in on the narrative side of prose poetry, these quirky texts infuse unexpected scenarios with a mild surrealism and a sense of understatement and restraint.
Rupert Loydell
This necessary and groundbreaking anthology is well overdue and will answer some questions poets are considering today about prose poetry, and raise many new ones.
Pascale Petit
These prose poems are compelling in their elegance, their swift and subtle movements, their embodiment of serious play. In this "borderline" form, life's accepted compartments are thrillingly broken down. Jane Monson has assembled an anthology that is both necessary and imaginatively liberating.
Moniza Alvi

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