Entertaining Angels - Petina Strohmer

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Am I my lover's keeper?

A dark tale set in the glamorous world of professional photography — art, fashion and fetish — Entertaining Angels is not so much about those we love but about those who love us. Friends and family, lovers, life partners, parent and child. By choice or by chance, how far are we responsible for our emotional dependents, especially those whose love is unrequited?

From London to Aspen, from the Caribbean to the Sibillini mountains. From the dazzle of society "dos", through the drama of the courtroom to the despair of the psychiatric ward. Love and lust, obligation and obsession, compassion and cruelty. The consequences of taking responsibility. Or not.

Entertaining Angels is an ambitious and well-delivered novel with an engaging and dark story to tell and fascinating themes. The characters are compelling and Strohmer's highly-paced writing keeps the hook all the way to the end.

Praise for Petina Strohmer's Work:

Petina Strohmer's work is meticulous. She has a passion for excellence

Jane Blank, award-winning Honno and Y Lolfa Cyf author

A well-constructured, confident story with original and interesting ideas, strong characters and a flowing language style

James Robertson

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