A Whole Day Through From Waking - Jacci Bulman

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Jacci Bulman's first poetry collection is about love of many kinds. She writes as a poet for whom, "a mortal smack has shaken every perspective", through her experiences of a dealing with a brain tumour whilst studying at Oxford University, and recently skin cancer. Ambitious and positive, her poetry ranges over philosophical questions whilst connecting to the unusual and the everyday, using intimate experiences and images. From the loss of a loved one from drug abuse, to working with courageous children in Vietnam, from wrestling with a close personal relationship, to exploring the spiritual within us all, this is poetry that connects. Bulman uses a lightness of touch even when exploring darkness, and her accessible style invites the reader in.

From 'visit the open unit':

his eyes bloodshot   me looking into one
at a time   asking for the sphinx to move

kissing the taste of drink   of drugs tasting me
near numb remembering I feel nothing
if not our last real kiss   his empty mouth

I wait on the underneath   the back of a well
for an opening to appear   pulling away

from his hand I offer my hip   the edge of it
offer a piece of me to see
if he is here.

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