Holding Unfailing - Edward Ragg

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Edward Ragg's debut collection, A Force That Takes (2013) was a Cinnamon Press Poetry Award winner. This entrancing second volume probes the complexity of contemporary China, from Beijing to Shanghai, through the dizzying landscapes of a country undergoing profound change.

Intriguing, supple poems that range across the world and across the landscapes of the mind.

Sarah Howe

This collection has for its central focus scenes from contemporary China, observing with detachment and direct emotional intent those personal landscapes which fan out from Ragg's experiences of a country undergoing profound change. Such landscapes and the burdening memories accompanying them create poems of concentrated philosophical energy.

They search and question. Ragg explores paths and places across a world shot through with colour. Yet he reins back from the expected celebratory note, in order to sift truth from falsehood, to travel from height to abyss. This is a wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection.

Penelope Shuttle


The Human Chain


We breathe the same air and breathe
in the language across the waters
you made and made your own singing

the disinterred marvels of a planet
lit with the precision of cut turf
like sparks from the sharpened edge

of Beowulf's steel. Each vowel seeping
from the peat-rich bog, each poem the miracle
of a sluice suddenly watering the earth.

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